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National Directory of Lawyers is America’s top lawyer directory service which pairs the best lawyers in town with prospective clients seeking legal advice. National Directory of Lawyers offers free legal resources aimed at helping people select the right lawyer for them based on their particular needs.

  • Personal Injury Law 30% 30%
  • Criminal Law 10% 10%
  • Real Estate Law 25% 25%
  • Family Law 15% 15%
  • Dui/Traffic Law/Others 10% 10%
  • Business Law 10 % 10 %
David DiNatale, Esq.

David DiNatale, Esq.

Senior Editor & Licensed Florida Attorney

David DiNatale is a licensed attorney, realtor, mortgage loan origination who attended University of Miami for his degree in Finance and went on to get his Juris Doctor and LL.M. in real estate development. He is an expert in internet marketing, content management, sales, and legal analysis.